Apologetics is not where I say "I'm sorry!", it's not an expression of regret, but an articulation of faith. The term comes from the Greek word apologia, meaning speaking in defense.

Apologetics includes both the 'positive' proclaiming of the evidences for the faith, and also the 'negative' refutation of incorrect criticism. This is what I try to do when I present the PowerPoint's that I've created for you, and when we make time for Q&A (live sessions).

As you can see from the pictures, Science is one of my favorite apologetic themes. The other one is Archaeology. My material is grouped into these two fields (usually as series with 15 minute sessions) + short presentations (mainly independent ones) + other ones.

During 2010 you have seen new series about The Reliability of the Bible, The Book of Esther aso. Several independent presentations like Theodicy (the problem of human suffering), Philosophy & Atheism, What happens after we die?, Jesus in the OT and Cosmology through history have also be added, as well as two on Evolution.

25 new presentations were added in 2011, including a series on Genesis 1-11 (with historical and scientific background material), The Existence of God, The Historical Jesus, Reincarnation, World Religions (series) etc.

The plan for 2012+2013 is mainly OT Archaeology (tons of material backing up the OT fantastically) and Apologetics4Kids (produced for Sunday school).

Pictures from my presentations